The City of Ozark has a mayor and city council form of government. Elections take place every two years for the city council and every four years for the mayor and city clerk. City council meetings are open to the public and are broadcast on the local cable channel. There is an active planning commission as well.

Ozark’s city sales tax is 2%.

The Mayor’s Office is accessible to the general public daily.

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From left to right: Mayor Roxie Hall, City Clerk Sonya Eveld, Deputy City Clerk Marla Ward.

Elected Officials

Mayor, Roxie Hall  479-667-2238       

City Clerk, Sonya Eveld 479-213-1323

Deputy City Clerk, Marla Ward 213-1417

Alderperson Rex Anderson      209-0888 

Alderperson  Brandy Flanary   479-213-3036

Alderperson Susan Holman 209-3177  

Alderperson Charles Meeker 479-209-0988

Alderperson  Aerial Nicely  479-461-2224

Alderperson Dwayne Patterson 479-209-0388

Our City attorney is R. Kevin Barham
111 East Walnut Street, Paris, AR 72853
Phone: 479-963-3996 • Fax: 479-963-2209 • Email: