City of Ozark City Council

Alderperson Roxie Hall 209-1299        

Alderperson Harvey Waters 209-3154 

Alderperson Chris Warden 426-4955   

Alderperson Susan Holman 209-3177  

Alderperson Brandy Flanary 479-213-3036

Alderperson Rex Anderson 209-0888  

City Council Agenda



June 13th 2016

5:30 p.m.

NOTE: **Water Meeting at 5:00 in council room to review construction bids

NOTE: **Parks Public Meeting at 5:30 before council meeting.

  1. Introduction and welcome
    1. Invocation (Anderson) and Pledge of Allegiance (Warden)
    2. Roll Call; Warden, Holman, Hall, Anderson, Vicars, Waters
    3. Approval of Minutes and Financial Reports
    4. Committees, Commissions, Department Head. Motion to approve: Second:
      1. Building Committee met June 9 th
      2. Park Committee public meeting
  2. Old Business
    1. U. P. Lawsuit (Harvey Waters)
    2. Marina (Harvey Waters)
    3. Trendy Treasures (Harvey Waters)
    4. Piggly Wiggly (Harvey Waters)
    5. Gary Hunt (Harvey Waters)
  3. 3. New Business
    1. Waste Management (Marc Dietz)
    2. A & P Appointment
    3. Recycling
    4. Trail of Tears
  4. 4. Adjournment