Fine Payments

Fine payments may be paid in any of the following ways:

Vehicle Accident Reports

To obtain copies of your vehicle accident reports go to:

1st Offender Speeding Probation

In order to qualify for the 1st Offender Probation Program:

1.) You must obtain a Certified Copy of your CLEAN driving record for the past three (3) years from driver control or wherever you obtain a driver’s license in your state.  It must be dated after your citation.

2.) You must fill out a Guilty Waiver

3.) You must send your Clean Driving Record, your Signed Guilty Waiver and Payment to the address listed below prior to your court date.

Make check payable to : Ozark District Court, 200 South 4th Street, Ozark, AR  72949

4.) Payment options: Cashiers Check, Money Order, or Personal Check in the amount listed below:

If your speed is 1-19 miles over the limit, pay $200

If your speed is 20-24 miles over the limit, pay $250

This is the total cost for your speeding ticket; it does not include any other charges that may be on your ticket.

To pay online with a Credit Card go to and mail the certified copy of your Clean Driving Record and Signed Guilty Waiver to the address above.

On your court date, the court will enter your plea and place you on six months probation and as long as you do not receive a citation in those six months, the charge will be dismissed.

If you fail to enclose any of the items required documents or if your certified driving record already has a ticket on it…..You will not be included in the 1st Offender Probation Program. 

If you have questions please contact the Ozark Police Department at 479-667-2233.